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The Boys

Just a trio of buddies that love pop culture, music, movies, video games, and occasional sports. We have always loved to sit and shoot the shit together and one day started recording it.


Occasionally we get some guests on, occasionally we talk about nothing, and sometimes we make some really good points. Most of the time we don't. Anyway, give a listen. 

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Editor In Chief. Poet. Philosopher. He uses some sort of wizardly magic to edit the ignorant things that Chuk says, which is a lot. Only one of us that knows WTF an RSS feed is. He has convinced himself that James Cameron is the greatest director of our time. Still has faith Avatar 2 will come out soon. Ya ok Bob.  


Has quit the show over a dozen times. Fired twice. Is just happy Chuk and Bob let him participate even though he cannot pronounce Bethesda correctly. Is very concerned about the safety of gas station bathrooms. Tries to make serious well thought out points. Ya no one cares you read the comic first Huey. 


Has never once seen any movie or played any video game he has ever commented on. Bob and Huey questions why he is even involved with podcast. Oh wait he watches horror or something? He is known for hating most popular video game releases and forcing his friends to play weird Minecraft clones.  

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