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Chuk Visits "The Lodge"

Good Welcome! Oh wait,....I don’t have to do that here.

Anyway, it’s been hot out right? And as of me writing this, we are still living in “unprecedented times.” Wouldn’t it be fun to just relax for a while, kick back, and just watch a movie?

The Lodge is a movie about a young woman who spends Christmas break with her fiancee’s kids in a secluded cabin. Unfortunately, the kids father has to go away for a couple days on business. He’s coming right back though! .......or maybe he doesn’t? Maybe the kids do not like the new girlfriend? Maybe the girlfriend has kind of a mysterious past? Maybe they all die in a horrible gas heater fire and have to live out the rest of their existence in some sort of purgatory?

I really had this movie on the back burner for a while. I could tell from the trailer it was going to be pretty moody and brooding. It for sure is both of those things. Doesn’t mean it wasn’t a great watch.

I’ve never heard of the directors but I did have their previous movie on my list of creepy ass movie box art.

Geez. Creepy kids are definitely their thing.

I really liked The Lodge. Not a typically fun movie but I had a good time listening to my son afterwards tell me how I scarred him for life. Not gory. There is just a lot of tension in this movie. If you are having a hard time with not being able to leave your house, wait till stuff goes fully into the new normal before watching this.


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