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Chuk Rents "The Rental"

Its weird how many single location movies have come out during these unprecedented times.

Dave Franco’s “The Rental" is another one. Well, mostly. Here’s the premise, two couples head up to an expensive air bnb to celebrate some sort of big business deal. I don’t know what business anyone was in except; one guy was an Uber driver. The Caretaker for the property is a creepy racist (and is played by Toby Huss) who also gives off some bad vibes when the gang shows up. Guess what happens?

THERE ARE CAMERAS EVERYWHERE. Not regular ones either. Nope. Hidden ones! That would suck, I’m not gonna lie, but from then they decide to pull out their "jump to conclusions" mat and just go nuts.

I didn’t like this movie. Let’s talk about Toby Huss who is also known as...........

Artie The Strongest Man in The World Facts:

  • Can skip stones to Neptune.

  • Once moved an entire house an inch to annoy a neighbor.

  • Hit a golf ball 300,003 yards.

  • Catchphrase is the word “PIPE!”

  • Loves the smell of air coming out of tires.

Go watch The Adventures of Pete and Pete. 3 episodes of that show would feel and literally be shorter than “The Rental”.

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